Schweizer Hilfe für Nashörner in Not

Schweizer Hilfe für Nashörner in Not

In der Spezialausgabe GRÜN der Schweizer Illustrierten konnten wir einen Beitrag über
Friends of African Wildlife platzieren. Gerade haben wir von unserem Coordinator Southern African Wildlife College aus Südafrika erfreuliche Berichte erhalten.

Although too many rhino were still lost to poachers over this period, we are happy to report that we have had a record number of successes with arrests of poachers by field rangers and recovery of their fire-arms. Every fire-arm that is removed from these poaching syndicates is a huge success for us.

The increased arrests and convictions would not be possible without the incredible K-9 dog unit. These dogs are making it very difficult for poachers to operate without being detected and are having a real impact on the ground. As such, this added tool has become a real winner in our anti -poaching efforts.

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